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The Mission of Music with Mary J  is for students to learn the language of music through joyful and supportive instruction in VOICE or PIANO.  All students learn differently, and lessons are customized accordingly.  Both classical and their favorites are studied.


Music with Mary J is a seasoned studio built on over 30 years of experience teaching piano, voice, music theory, and music history, as well as conducting ensembles and choirs.  Since Mary J is a member of the national and area Music Federation and of the National Music Teachers Association, students have opportunities to sing or play for others and to benefit from new resources and techniques in music 

The studio has students ranging in age from kindergarteners who are just starting to study music through grandparents who want to discover singing or return to playing.  Whether working with beginners, intermediate students, or those who are more advanced, Mary J is able to help the student connect with the musical subject.


Many scientific studies have shown that learning music enhances brain development.  Playing the piano requires using both the dominant and non-dominant hands, and therefore strengthens both the right and left sides of the brain, while singing enhances emotional development and cognitive abilities.

Also, music lessons teach life skills such as:
-Confidence in learning new things
-Poise when performing or speaking in front of others
-Perseverance when the going gets tough
-Discipline and time management
-Sense of accomplishment for a job well done


Testimonials from Students:

"Mary J has been an excellent piano teacher for both my son and me.  Her gentle sense of humor and patience makes learning a joy."  

Kris Detmer, CPS Librarian

"Mary J is a wonderful person as well as teacher."  

Addison Inlow, Ashland High School  Student

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Mary J Renneckar

40 Broadway Village Dr
Columbia, MO 65201


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